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sales & marketing

sales & marketing

Buyer’s Consultant
The “Buyer’s Consultant” work shop is a 2 day program designed to prepare its participants to build rapport and close a sales deal effectively and professionally. A key feature of this program is its emphasis on understanding the prospects, catering specifically to the client requirement and being a buyer’s consultant rather than merely a vendor. The workshop serves professionals currently engaged in sales and marketing for various IT, non IT, Hospitality, Real estate and Education sectors.

  • Planning the sales call
  • Identifying the prospect
  • Understand the buyer behaviour
  • Overcome the objections that they face with confidence and ease
  • Create a step by step consultative selling process that works
  • Translating needs in to benefits
  • Reframing and using metaphors
  • Learn how to build effective relationship and rapport with the prospect
  • Get referrals from the customers, without hounding them
  • Qualify their prospects more effectively
  • Develop the right questions to use and when to use them
  • Basic negotiating skills
  • Boosting their self-confidence
  • Exceed their sales targets and achieve more sales in less time
  • Eliminate their frustrations and stress when it does not go their way












Managing Sales Teams

Research shows that sales managers who engage their salespeople, coach effectively, and lead through a systematic sales process have higher win/loss ratios, higher revenue, and lower salesperson turnover.
A three dimensional approach to managing sales teams: Analyst, Coach and Collaborator

  • Marketing plan
  • SWOT Analysis of the Team
  • Competence Development
  • Enhancing Customer Base
  • Action Plan





Key Account Management (KAM)

This training focuses on helping the participants on how to move the customer from a transactional state to a relational state and enhance the loyalty to the company. This loyalty would help the customer to become a partner for the organization during good and bad times

  • Identifying key accounts
  • Develop the Customer loyalty ladder
  • Selling to key accounts
  • Managing Key accounts
  • Action Plan





Selling & Negotiation

“Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.” –John F Kennedy
Do you feel that someone is continually taking advantage of you? Do you seem to have to fight your corner aggressively, or ally with others, to win the resources you need? Or do you struggle to get what you want from people whose help you need, but over whom you have little direct authority? If so, you may need to brush up your negotiation skills.

  • Understanding Negotiation
  • Phases of Negotiation
  • Guidelines for Successful Negotiation
  • Strategies for Overcoming Objections
  • Strategies for Getting to an Agreement





Presentation Skills

No one ever said that mastering the art of presentation was easy. That’s true.
Others have said good presenters are natural presenters. That’s not true.
This workshop on mastering the presentationsis to prove the point that everyone can present with flair, style and success.  Everyone can be effective. It only requires an understanding of goodpresenting practice and some adherence to guidelines. This workshop focuses on:

  • Preparing and Planning for Presentation
  • Developing Content
  • Structuring your presentation
  • Exercising control over self
  • Exercising control over audience
  • Creating a Buzz





Customer Service Skills

How you treat your customers can make the difference between a loyal returning customer who will, through conversations and story-telling, become an ambassador for your organisation and a lost opportunity or negative influence for your company, somebody more likely to use your competitor’s services in the future.

Good customer care results in high levels of customer satisfaction leading to long-term buying relationships between you and customers

  • Listening Skills
  • Empathize with your customer
  • Assertiveness
  • Setting goals and standards for performance
  • Handling Conflicts

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